District 22-D

Car Raffle

Updated February 17, 2016

The Milford Lions Club started the Car Raffle in 1988.  The first year, the prize was a 1988 Ford Thunderbird, the winner was Ray Brown from Laurel, DE.  Later we extended the raffle to all Lion Clubs in Multiple District 22. Our club would run the project, providing the tickets and prizes.  The clubs that participated would keep half of the money they raise for their community projects.   Since then, Lion Clubs in Multiple District 22 have raised over $3,000,000 for community projects. A couple years later we decided to increased the prizes two vehicles, usually a midsize car and a pick-up truck.  The prizes were changed again in 1997 to a popular vehicle, usually a 4X4 SUV and $10,000 in cash prizes.  Ten years later, in 2007 we had to reduce the cash prize to $5,000 due to the ever increasing cost of purchasing a vehicle. This year 2015, we are giving away a: 2015 Chevy Equinox LS or $20,000 and 10 - $500 cash prizes, click to see poster.  

2015 Car Raffle Winners, click to see the list of 2015 winners.

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01 Pt Cruiser, L to R, Lion Bill Irwin, winner Sue Webley, Lion Mike Wajda 02, L to R, Lions Bill Irwin, Ray Westrood, Jim Parks, King Lion Cliff Burris, selling tickes at Spaghetti Dinner 02 Jeep Liberty, L to R Monococy Lion Chip Smallwood, Lion Bill Irwin, winner Monococy Lion Robert Holand, Monococy Lion Allen Ahearn 03 Trail Blazer, L to R, Lion Dick Andrews, winner Tim Gardner 05, L to R, Car winner Mrs. Zeman, Lion John Mitchell 06 Car Winner 07 Ford 500 SEL, L to R, Winner Luckson Alexis, Lion Rob Craig 07, Car at Oktoberfest 07, L to R, Lions John Mitchell and Sonny Meck at the Apple Scrapple Festival 07, L to R, at Apple Scrapple, Lions Bob Clendaniel, Cliff Burris, Sonny Meck, Tom Mehl and John Kiefer 07, L to R, Apple Scrapple, Lions Grant Curtis, friend Nancy, Bob Clendaniel, Gale Grove, Sonny Meck, Tom Mehl, John Kiefer 08 Car Winner Virginia Messineo 08 Miss Delaware, Lion Sonny Meck 08, L to R,Apple Scrapple, Lions John Jackson, Dick Andrews, Sonny Meck, Karen Kaufman 09 Car Winner Mr. & Mrs Thomas Pippin 09, Miss Delaware 09, Apple Scrapple, Lion Maria Edgerton, Lion Ray Westrod 10 Apple Scrapple, L-R, Lions John Mitchell, Rob Craig, Jim Richardson, Dave Clendaniel, Sonny Meck, Richard Vican, Dick Andrews 10 Apple Scrapple, L-R, Lions Rob Craig, Steve Swadley, John Mitchell, Jim Richardson, Richard Vican, Gregg Fuller, Dave Clendanie, Sonny Meck, Mary Ann Burnett, Dick Andrews 10 Apple Scrapple, L-R, Lions Tom Mehl, Sonny Meck, Miss Delaware 2010 2010 Car Winner Ms. Radvany 2011 Car Raffle Dover Mall L-R, Lions Sonny Meck, Ray Westrod, Don Gorman 2011 Car Raffle Crowd waiting for drawing at Dover Mall 2011 Car Raffle, Lion Rob Craig, Ms. DE, Lion Sonny Meck 2011 Car Raffle Winners, Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Ritter 2012 Car Raffle, Ms. DE picks 1st. place wining ticket2012 Car Raffle, KL Rob Craig and Ms. DE watch as Lion Sonny Meck reads 1st place winner. 2012 Car Raffle KL Rob Craig and 1st place winner Ms. Nancy Burkett 2014 selling car tickets at Apple Scrapple, Lions Sonny Meck, Dick Andrews, Rob Craig, Dave Clendaniel 2014 selling tickets at Dover Mall, Lions Pat Craig, Clyde Bragg 2014 drawing at Dover Mall, Lions Grant Curtis, Jack Simon, Sonny Meck, Ms. Delaware, Rob Craig 2015 Car Raffle Group 2015 Car Raffle Ms De Brooke Mitchell