District 22-D

Milford, Delaware USA

Updated December 06, 2014

Our club is a diverse group of men and women from Milford and the surrounding community.  We have a desire "TO SERVE" to make our community a better place to live.  Our main goal is to help those with visual impairments.  We also support our youth, the elderly and those who are in need.   If you are interested in joining the Milford Lions Club, please contact any Milford Lion.  A list of our members and phone numbers are in the front of the Milford Lions Telephone Book, or contact us at e-mail address,, or P. O. Box 25, Milford, DE 19963.


We have 69 members, (54 Active, 8 Affiliate, and 7 Privilege).

Welcome new member Norman J. Lear Sr. (8/28/14)
Active Members (54)     
Richard S. Andrews III Eleanor L. Engle Judith Ann Purcell
Roland L. Beebe Gregory Fuller Sr. Thomas G. Reiss
Kenneth R. Berry Douglas A. Gibson James R. Richardson
Clyde I. Bragg Thomas M. Greenlee Joseph D. Romansky
William S. Brereton Bruce D. Hermann II Michael S. Sharp
Mary Ann Burnett Gregory L. Holstein Sr. Gardner G. Shugart
Samuel C. Burrows III Norman J. Lear Sr. Jack F. Simon
Arthur J. Campbell Donald T. McDonough Robert R. Sutcliffe
David Clendaniel Willard W. Meck Stephen L. Swadley
Robert C. Clendaniel H. Thomas Mehl Steven M. Vezmar
Joe-Anne Corwin Michael J. Mignogno Antony J. Vican Jr.
Kevin Corwin John W. Mitchell Richard A. Vican
Myra L. Craig  Edwin Niblett Gaillyn Wadkins-Berry
Robert B. Craig  Joseph G. Palermo Vernon H. Walch
Jayson D. Crouch Laurel A. Pastor William J. Walls Jr.
Grant E. Curtis Roger G. Perry Lloyd R. Webb
Nancy Czerwinski William G. Pilecki Raymond Westrod
John DeRue Nancy L. Poinsett Charles J. Yaiser Jr.
 Affiliate Members (8)    
Thomas E. Barnard  Gary Downs Glen E. Stevenson
Jeffrey W. Bieber Scott L. Fitzgerald Mary-Anne K. Wilburn
George E. Day Karen K. McColley  
Privilege Members (7)    
William E. Bullock Jr. William Jackson Robert J. Voshell
Preston L. Dyer Gary D. King  
Robert Farley Howard L. Sipple Jr.